Matter of Truth

sammbaamm asked: This is a slightly random question, but why are kids so damn springy?? They can fall face first into concrete and get up and start running again, and some can even get hit or run over by cars and suffer minimal injuries. What makes them so durable?? O.o



Babies are springy because their blood is mostly composed of a marshmallow fluff like substance called Marshmalloglobin.  At birth, a baby’s blood is approximately 72.6% Marshmalloglobin with the remaining 27.4% as various standard forms of hemoglobin.  The percentage of Marshmalloglobin is different for premature babies and depends on the gestational age, but that’s too complicated to explain here.  As a baby gets older the bone marrow gradually breaks down the Marshmalloglobin in the bloodstream and replaces it with regular forms of hemoglobin.  As this happens, the child becomes less springy.  By age 16, most children have no measurable Marshmalloglobin in their bloodstream.

Interestingly, as we age our bone marrow begins to replace standard hemoglobin with porcelainoglobin.  Porcelainoglobin is very fragile and breaks down very easily.  As you age and the concentration of porcelainoglobin in your blood gets higher, you become more fragile.  There is a lot of variation in the age of onset and speed at which the porcelainoglobin conversion occurs.

If I was a vampire, I’d be a pediatrician.

Yummmm…. marshmallows…